Maintenance Request Form

Wynn Real Estate Maintenance Request Form


  • For Fire, Flood(*except for minor leak), or Medical Emergency, call 911 immediately.
  • Service does not cover supply items such as batteries, bulbs, etc.
  • As a minor issue, like a waste, cleaning, please contact your Onsite Caretaker or Concierge.
  • To provide you fast and accurate service, if you change your contact information such as phone number or email address, please let us know. You can email us via

General information

    • Lost Keys or FOBs: The tenant is fully responsible for the Keys or FOBs provided to them. If the Keys and/or FOBs are lost, it is your responsibility to replace them at own cost.
    • If locksmith service is used and the locks have changed, contact us immediately to provide us copies of the new keys for Emergencies.
    • If FOB is lost, contact building/strata manager to arrange for new FOB.
    • Malfunction of Smart lock: Please check the batteries first.
    • Power loss: Check your breakers/electrical panel first, then contact BC Hydro to check power outages.
*Please do not use high power-consuming appliances at the same time — appliances overloading the power source. Every problem caused by the action of the tenant, the tenant liability for it*

Please submit your request for repairs below.

Be as detailed as possible as you can.
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By submitting this request form, I give Wynn Real Estate Ltd. and their contractors permission to enter my private land and using my contact information within reasonable hours to tend to my request. I further acknowledge that repairs caused by my negligence or abuse may be charged back to me.