Key / Fob Instruction

  • Lost Keys or FOBs: The tenant is fully responsible for the Keys or FOBs provided to them. If the Keys and/or FOBs are lost, it is your responsibility to replace them at your own cost.
  • If locksmith service is used and the locks have changed, contact us immediately to provide us copies of the new keys for Emergencies.
    • Locksmith: It’s the best way to search “Locksmith” close to your place.
    • Service Provider in Vancouver – Yaletown Locksmith (604-785-0757)
  • If FOB is lost, contact the building/strata manager to arrange for a new FOB.
    • Service charges are subject to Building/Strata policy.
  • Malfunction of Smart lock: Please check the batteries first.
    • Service does not cover supply items such as batteries
    • How to change Battery?
      1.  Make sure your system is disarmed
      2. Grab your inside part of the door, slide the cover off of your door lock
      3. Grip the top of the battery pack from the top and pull it up
      4. Remove the old batteries and replace this for the new batteries.
      5. Replace the battery pack and the cover on your doorlock
      6. * Please keep in mind, location of the Battery pack may vary depending on model*